Face Europe is a consultancy group with a vast network in Sweden and EU. We are focused on communications concerning work life issues. Over the years we have worked with large EU-projects and especially the programmes of European Social Fund.

Our service has involved advice in strategic communications, production of digital content, video and print. In recent years Face Europe has also produced feasibility studies for educational, social and labour market projects.

Services and cooperation
Member of support structure Kontigo for the European Social Fund, Sweden.

Coordinator of communications in diversity project: The Umbrella Project.

Project leader on behalf of Swedish ESF Council in a working group with European Broadcasting Union and the Fundamental Rights Agency, producing  ”Toolkit for Diversity in Media”.

Survey on integration and training for migrants; Municipality of Helsingborg.

Information project on free movement in EU with the Swedish Parliament.

Broadcast advisor for the European Commission in Sweden and DG Press, Brussels.

TV-reporter, Sweden and Brussels, SVT News, ”Rapport”.

Network and capacity
Face Europe is part of a network with more than 30 journalists, communication consultants, film producers and graphic artists in EU. We have contact points in London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris.

We have recently joined a European group for training and education, The Centre of International Networking, coordinated by IPF in Malaga, Spain.

CEO Jacob Schulze
Jacob Schulze, CEO, is a senior consultant and a former broadcast advisor for the European Commission in Sweden and DG Press, Brussels.

Former TV-reporter, Sweden and Brussels, SVT News, ”Rapport” and TV4.

Member of the board of Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) organising independent community media networks in EU.

CEO of conference facility in France, SARL Maison 12 .